Most of the photographs I have taken at Medjugorje go close in on the subject. I use a long lens when I can and shoot from a distance. That way I seldom intrude on anyone. I’m not a pro photographer and would class myself as a ‘snapper’. My technical knowledge is limited and I struggle with flash so seldom use it. For every decent image taken there are dozens I discard. I use Canon equipment, most of which is at least 10 to 15 years old. The images in these ‘portfolios’ always provide special memories of Medjugorje for me. I remember taking them as if it were yesterday. Most were ‘snapped’ and not planned and I’m happy to share some background information about them.

Mike Conti wrote a beautiful song about Medjugorge. It was titled ‘Fields of Medjugorje’. It began with the question: “How many feet have walked across this land?” This image is part of the path that takes you out from Medugorje and through the fields toward Podbrdo, now known as Apparition Hill. As the soles of the footwear left impressions in the soil, I sometimess ponder on the impressions left on the souls of the millions of pilgrims who have walked this path.