Be carriers of light in the darkness of this peaceless timepart Medjugorje message, May 2020

A big thank-you to Our Lady

May 26, 2020

A large 5o-metre rosary made an appearance at some of the prayer sites in Medjugorje recently. It was created by two local artists, a sculptor and a painter as a “Thank You” to Our lady for teaching people to pray when they come to Medjugorje. More details and photos here.

Pope to pray Rosary with shrines of the world

May 25, 2020

“Devoted and with one accord to prayer, together with Mary (cf. Acts 1:14)”. On this theme Pope Francis will lead the recitation of the Rosary on Saturday 30 May, joining the Marian Shrines of the world which, due to the health emergency, have had to interrupt their normal activities and pilgrimages.


The largest sanctuaries of the five continents will be connected online. These include Lourdes, Fatima, Lujan, Milagro, Guadalupe, San Giovanni Rotondo and Pompeii. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, sent out a letter addressed to the rectors of the shrines to invite them to organise and promote this special moment of prayer in accordance with current health regulations and relevant time zones.


Will Medjugorje be one of the shrines connected online with the Pope? More details at this link.

The Medjugorje Exchange

May 21, 2020

This simple but powerful comment was passed on by Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM:


“I know many who have given up drink, drugs, strife and hate. A young Italian pilgrim told me: ‘I used to take drugs but gave them up, as last summer a friend of mine went to Medjugorje with drugs in his hand and returned with the Rosary.’

Youth Festival update

May 18, 2020

In an interview with Radio Mir Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser was asked about the prospect of the Medjugorje Youth Festival taking place this year. He responded: “We all long for the Youth Festival because it is the most important event in the entire litugical year in Medjugorje but, of course, we are dependent on the epidemiological situation. Unfortunately, if it is kept this year, there will only be a ‘virtual meeting’ with Medjugorje, but not real, not physical so that people can come, because not only are the borders closed but the transport is not working, so there are not even conditions to come here. Therefore, it’s most likely that the Youth Festival will not happen this year.”

Medjugorje Youth Festival

May 12, 2020

Speaking to Laudato TV, parish priest of Medjugorje Fr Marinko Šakota had this to say when asked if the 2020 Medjugorje Youth Festival would go ahead. “We can't say anything yet. Borders are still closed. To date, it is still too early to talk about what will happen, and whether or not Mladifest will be done. We must adapt to the situation with an attitude of abandonment to God, whether it is not possible for this year, or that it is possible if the pandemic situation stabilizes, and in this case we will be ready.”

Virtual Medjugorje pilgrimage

May 10, 2020

Irish tour operator Marian Pilgrimages has posted a series of videos on its Facebook page showing its guides conducting “virtual pilgrimages” around Medjugorje. Well worth a visit, and you don’t have to be signed up to Facebook to watch the clips at this link, or other videos made by Marian Pilgrimages.

Changes at the Blue Cross

May 09, 2020

Work is being carried out around the Blue Cross to expand and improve the area for pilgrims wanting to pray there. Gradual changes to the location have taken place in recent years and now parts of the ground are being levelled and stones removed. The work is being carried out by members of the nearby Cenacolo Community.

Public Masses resume at Medjugorje

May 01, 2020

Today, May 2nd, there was a different kind of message given out at Medjugorje when the people were able to resume attendance at Mass after lockdown restrictions had been eased by goverment officials. The new arrangement is for today and Sunday, after which further announcements will be made regarding arrangements and times for future days.

Doors open for personal prayer

April 26, 2020

The parish church of St James in Medjugorje is open again for personal prayer every day from 8:00am until 4:00pm, while still observing any applicable measures appertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pray today for artists

April 26, 2020

“Let us pray today for artists, for those who have this great capacity for creativity,” and for showing us the way to beauty. May the Lord give us all the grace of creativity at this time.” Pope Francis

Medjugorje Message, April 25, 2020

April 24, 2020

Dear children! May this time be an incentive for personal conversion for you. Pray, little children, in solitude, to the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in faith and trust in God, that you may be worthy witnesses of the love which God  bestows upon you through my presence... more at this link.

Downloadable book of Pope’s prayers and homilies

April 20, 2020

The Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See has made available a downloadable book entitled “Strong in the Face of Tribulation”. Edited by the Holy See’s Dicastery for Communication, the digital publication contains a collection of prayers, intercessions and the Pope’s homilies to help sustain the Church’s sense of communion amid the coronavirus pandemic. More details and where to download the pdf at this link.

A special performance

April 20, 2020

Members of the Medjugorje choir and orchestra that sing and play at the Medjugorje Youth Festival each year, were reunited by video link from their own homes on Divine Mercy Sunday to perform the Hosanna song. The video production was by Foto Đani and brought together performers from Italy, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Korea, Spain, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Lebanon, Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can watch the video at this link.

Fr Ante Kutleša R.I.P.

April 17, 2020

Fr Ante Kutleša OFM, a priest serving in the Medjugorje parish, died overnight at the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar as a result of the coronavirus.


Fr Ante was born in the parish of Prisoje–Tomislavgrad and entered the Franciscan Order on July 14,1962, in Humac. He was in Seminary in Visoko, Sarajevo and Konigstein, where he was ordained as a priest on February 8, 1969. Fr Ante served as a spiritual assistant in Konjic until 1974, when he went to serve in missions in Zaire and Congo. He was assigned to serve at Medjugorje in September 2017 and celebrated his Golden Jubilee Mass there in July last year.


Funeral rites, in accordance with the current ban on gathering due to the risk of coronavirus infection, will be performed in the narrowest circle of the Franciscan community and relatives.

Rosary balloon launched from Apparition Hill

April 12, 2020

On Easter morning at Apparition Hill, a group of believers who have gathered every day for the past five years at the statue of Our Lady to pray the rosary together, marked the event by releasing a rosary made from balloons.

more at this link.

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