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“My dear one,
unpleasant news”

March 30, 2020


One of the most famous confessors at Medjugorje, Fr Tomislav Pervan OFM, has addressed the public after it was revealed yesterday that he was positive for the coronavirus with another friar and three nuns. This is part of Fr Tomislav’s published statement.


“My dear one, unpleasant news.


“Specifically, the coronavirus has crept into this monastery where I have lived for seven years. I am a priest of the nuns there, and on a daily basis I was in the parish as a preacher and a confessor, mostly. Well, thank you Lord. We tested here yesterday, two friars - myself and another, and these three nuns. We are all positive.


“If you remember, I said on Wednesday morning that we were praying for the Pope who was also at risk, but I also put my needs in your prayers. Some people thought that something was wrong. Well – consequently – on Tuesday afternoon I felt fever, shivering, cold. Typical for me when I have the flu. Weakness in trembling in the loins.


“In the morning I already had a temperature of no more than 37.7-8. I called my sister who immediately covered me with medication so I was taken care of. The temperature has been dropping these days, not on an upward curve, which is symptomatic of corona patients. I had no respiratory problems, no lung difficulties, no bronchial tubes, I could breathe normally without any disturbance, without the burning or burning sensation discussed.


“I thought – the regular annual flu – those were the symptoms. The temperature was maintained at the limit value, about 37 degrees, slightly down slightly up. Just in case, I tested yesterday and the test turned out positive. All in all, one mild infection.


“Ever since the movement ban for people of 60-plus was issued, I didn't go anywhere from this house or yard; I didn't start the vehicle, I kept to the regulations. But somebody brought a virus into the house. And there are 23 nuns in the house, mostly of older age, who gave their time to God and the Church and spend their old days here, but they are persistent in prayer. They are endangered. I don't know what kind of picture would have turned out had they been tested and there would probably be more infected. But now everything is in the hands of the Lord and the doctor.


“Talking to doctors – they tell me that I have overcome the crisis, that the body has created resistance and that there is no risk of deterioration. Clearly, you should take therapy and what the experts say. I hope it works out – with the Lord's help.


“Please put all this monastery and sisters infected in your prayers, as all three work in Mother's Village!


“We ask the Lord to turn away the evil of this monster from us! Thank you to heaven.”


Tomislav Pervan OFM

source: Beogradska Nadbiskupia

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