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Could it have been a coincidence that on the day the Catholic Church celebrated World Communications Day (June 2), and we are asked to pray for those who work in the media, it also happened to be the day when a restriction was put in place by Medjugorje ‘authorities’ on filming events associated with the seer Mirjana receiving her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross on Podbrdo. The restriction, in the main, appears to have been adhered to by media outlets which normally take the initiative to post footage on the internet and for websites to link to, athough some footage via mobile phones has surfaced on YouTube.
What hasn’t been made clear is the reason why the restriction has been put in place. Mention of the ban was made last month in Sr Emmanuel’s newsletter, but no explanation offered as to why the ‘authorities’ have acted in this way.
It is clear that the message presented by Mirjana can be circulated, but not the usual footage that has the lens turned on the seer; in other words, focus on the message and not the seer.
Mobile phone footage was circulating on the internet this morning showing Mirjana leaving her home to walk to the Blue Cross. Pilgrims lined the street, cheering the seer along the way, many reaching out to try and touch her. She was accompanied by security and invited guests. The clip of her journey and the climb to the Blue Cross ran for seven minutes – longer than the apparition phenomenon itself which wasn’t recorded. A similar spectacle can be witnessed when Pope Francis tours St Peter’s Square in front of pilgrims.
Such is the power of the media in promoting the cult of celebrity.

However, the Pope’s primary reason is to bestow blessings on the pilgrims. Mirjana once reported Our Lady saying to her: “I am giving you my motherly blessing, but the greatest blessing you can receive on earth is the blessing that comes from your priests. When they bless you, it is my Son, himself, blessing you.”


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