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Bring the light of my Son and keep breaking the darkness which all the more wants to seize you. Do not be afraid. Through the grace and the love of my Son, I am with you.
Part message to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo, March 2, 2020

The Medjugorje seer Mirjana Dragievic-Soldo explains that her annual apparition on March 18 has nothing to do with her birthday being on the same date – “Gospa does not come to say happy birthday”, she says – someway confirmed by reports of the seer’s tears and sadness at receiving the news on her birthday in 2021 that Our Lady would not appear to her again on the 2nd day of every month as she had been doing for many years. Happy birthday? Not for Mirjana.


Many have wondered what the significance of March 18 is about Mirjana’s annual apparition. The seer, if she knows exactly, isn’t saying so, but she has said the date is related to the ten ‘secrets’ given to her by Our Lady, and when these are announced the world will understand why Our Lady chose this date.


Mirjana’s announcement on March 18, 2021, saying Our Lady would no longer appear to her on the second day of each month, coincided with another significant declaration made earlier on the same day, an order from the Headquarters of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the two political identities that compose Bosnia and Herzegovina (the other being Republika Srpska), banning all public gatherings. This would have impacted on the seer’s monthly prayer gatherings on Apparition Hill.


The Federation was created by the 1994 Washington Agreement, designed to end hostilities between Croats and Bosniaks during what became known as the Bosnian War.


The agreement was signed on March 18.


March 18, 1965 – Mirjana’s birthday.
March 18, 1983 – Start of annual apparitions to Mirjana.
March 18, 1994 – Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina formed in 1994 with the Washington Agreement.
March 18, 2020 – Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina orders ban on public gatherings.
March 18, 2020 – Our Lady announces to Mirjana she will no longer receive monthly apparitions.

March 18, 20?? – 

Mirjana is on record as saying the first ‘secret’ relates to a severe regional event, a disaster, and people in Medjugorje “will know immediately that it is in connection with the secrets”. Could the region be that encompassed by the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina, which includes Medjugorje?

March 18, 2024

Message given to Mirjana at annual apparition

Dear children, by the merciful love of God, I am with you. That is why, as a mother, I am calling you to believe in love – the love that is union with my Son. With love you help others to open their hearts to come to know my Son and to come to love Him. My children, love makes it for my Son to illuminate your hearts with His grace,  to grow in you and to give you peace. My children,  if you live love, if you live my Son, you will have peace and you will be happy.  In love is victory. Thank you.

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