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As far as I know there are now seven vaccine solutions available to combat the coronavirus infecting all levels of society in the world. Hundreds of millions of doses are in production in an effort to control and halt the spread of the deadly virus.


Another deadly virus that permeates the world is sin. In Matthew’s gospel (10:28) we learn from Jesus to “not fear those who kill the body, but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear him who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell.”


In the most recent message from Medjugorje Our Lady reminds us of three vaccines (God’s gifts to his people) that help combat the hold and spread of sin in the world: prayer, fasting and renunciation.


The spread and fear of the coronavirus will also have prompted many souls to turn to these gifts. Enforced lockdowns and the restrictions that come with them are symbolic of fasting and renunciation, and who hasn’t been asked to pray for someone or a family experiencing sickness and even death from COVID-19?


Then there are the “safe-distance” queues or lines formed outside shops and medical centres, people kept apart so as not infect each other, being “careful to avoid the occasion of sin”.


Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent begins on February 17, a day when we are reminded that our bodies will return to dust. But Our Lady desires for our soul to live forever in Heaven. In her latest message she implores us to “Yearn for Heaven” for “in Heaven there is no sorrow or hatred”.


Every month Our Lady keeps provding the message and the solution as a vaccine against the virus of sin. Some say the message is repetitive. But try telling that to anyone who relies on  repeated doses of medication to keep them alive, healthy and happy!

“...they were longing for a better homeland, their heavenly homeland.” Hebrews 11 : 16


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