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The apostles returned to the upper room where they were staying and joined in continuous prayer, together with several women, including Mary the mother of Jesus… (cf Acts 1 : 12-14)

Medjugorje is in lockdown. The parish office, Radio Mir and Mother’s Village have been placed in quarantine, and some of the friars are having to self-isolate. Streets are empty, shops, bars and restaurants closed. And, of course, there are no pilgrims, except that every evening a remarkable phenomenon happens – a Medjugorje phenomenon, so to speak – when the nightly prayer programme from St James parish church is followed by millions of faithful from around the world via various channels on the internet and satellite programming.
Through modern technology and communications millions of viewers are able to follow Holy Mass transmitted from Medjugorje in these difficult times. For one recent prayer programme, published statistics revealed the event had been viewed from 2,604,448 unique IP addresses. High among the numbers were viewers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, UK, and Korea.
Live streaming of the evening prayer programme at Medjugorje can be accessed from this link. Radio Medjugorje also streams daily coverage on its YouTube channel.
Monday, April 6, 2020

Medjugorje: As it was in the beginning...

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