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• The sudden end to Mirjana’s monthly apparitions, coupled with the approach of 40  years since Our Lady first appeared in Medjugorje, has prompted speculation that the so-called ‘secrets’ entrusted to the visionaries – especially those to Mirjana – may soon be revealed to the world. Here’s what the late Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM had to say about speculating and focusing on the Medjugorje ‘secrets’.
“Wth regards to the secrets it is definitely better not to want to guess, because it would all be in vain. It would be better to recite another Rosary rather than talk about the secrets. Impatiently waiting for the secrets to be revealed removes our concentration from what is important. There are catastrophes, floods, earthquakes and wars every day, but unless I am personally involved they are not catastrophic for me. To wait for something to happen is similar to a student who continually asks himself when the exam will be, when his turn will be and whether the professor will be well disposed or not. It’s the same as a student not studying or preparing himself for the exam even though the exam is upon him, but concentrates instead only on the ‘secrets,’ on what is unknown to him. So you see, we must do what we can do, and the secrets will no longer be a problem for us.”
source: Echo of Mary
• The Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Soldo had this to say in 1998 during her talk at the Chicago Marian Conference.
“I want to tell you that I have heard about lots of different apparitions, some here in America, where reportedly Our Lady is talking about some horrible times to come where there is going to be floods and all kinds of disasters. And I always say, with a full heart, that that’s not truly Our Lady speaking because Our Lady is our mother and she loves her children, and it is not her desire that people love her because they fear. That is not true faith. She changes us with her smile and with love. And so we don't need to fear anything, but we need to place our lives in her hands and we must not think about what will happen tomorrow. Our Lady desires that we think about what is going to happen now, in this moment, because who amongst us here can say in ten minutes we will still be alive. Our Lady desires that every second of our lives we’re prepared to return to God.”
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