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In some of the Medjugorje messages, Our Lady invites us to seek and see her Son in others. Not always easy, but when we can accept that God is the good in every person, then sometimes hidden grace is witnessed.


It may be fleeting, for only an instant, like the falling rain – we witness the wetness but not always the individual drops, so fast do they hit the ground.


The grace which pours from Mary, who is full of grace, is not always visible at the time it is poured – perhaps because our focus is elsewhere, on other things, or there is a partial blindness in our heart that prevents this.


On occasion it may require another person to reveal the graces that surround us in life, to point out what our eyes and heart have missed. But however and whenever this takes place, it requires the blessing of Jesus to let his glory be seen, just as he did at the Cana wedding feast.


The steward who tasted the water that had turned into wine had no idea where it came from, only the servants who had drawn the water knew, but the outcome was that all the guests at the wedding feast received the benefit, whether they witnessed the miracle or not.


The photo above is an example of how God’s glory is visible in a way not always seen because our focus or attention is on something else – the statue, the water fountain, or both; or because we are simply unaware of the phenomenon.


I doubt anyone would intentionally go out of their way to see anything in the water droplets that burst forth from the fountain and fall to the ground so quickly – and if they did it would be unlikely that what is caught in the camera could be seen by the eye at the time.


Each droplet reflects its surroundings as it rises and falls. The reflection is constantly changing – and in such a short space of time – before the droplet disappears onto the ground.


In this particular photo the droplets predominately reflect the white statue and blue sky. And as long as the water – the prayer – keeps flowing, then the image of Our Lady manifests in this way. Grace can sometimes be like that, manifesting in way seen outwardly, but the components are not always visible.


So imagine the statue as a real person. It may not be a statue or person to our liking or taste, but it is capable of revealing many wonders hidden from our sight. And sometimes it takes someone else to point out the wonder of the person or the beauty of the statue, the detail we are unaware of.


In her Medjugorje messages, Our Heavenly Mother is very good at revealing and informing us in a detailed way of how to receive the graces God desires to grant all his children – and she points to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the source of all grace. Mary also frequently points out that this is a time of grace.


Grace is the presence of goodness, God’s providence, his gift. The Mother of Jesus is his gift to all of God’s children. That is why she is full of grace and grace always points to Goodness.

This image is rotated 180 degrees to show the reflection of the statue in the water drops.

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