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“May prayer be a balm to your soul, because the fruit of prayer is joy.”
Just lately, there seems to be be a lot of people worrying themselves about the state of the world. There are Christians, even Catholics, who are not exempt from promoting a Gospel of fear... secrets to be revealed, coming chastisements (as if there wasn’t enough suffering in the world), blaming the Church, blaming priests, blaming pagans, blaming other cultures, blaming modernity, and crystal-ball gazing while attempting to predict when and where the heavy hand of God will strike the world and its sinners. These are not all frightened people. Putting the fear of God into others can be a profitable business. Some welcome this – the kind that pay to watch horror movies. There’s a ready  market for anyone wanting to trade in doomsday scenarios and predictions. People will put their hand in their pocket for this kind of stuff, even press the ‘donate’ or ‘subscribe’ button on a website for a nugget of knowledge about the future and what God has planned for down the line. That’s the attraction for those who buy in to information about the so-called Medjugorje ‘secrets’. They want to know what the future holds. It’s akin to reading horoscopes. Two sides of the same coin. Yet in all the Medjugorje monthly messages  Our Lady has given to the world over the years through the seer Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti, she has never spoken of the “ten secrets”.  In one of her messages Our Lady reminds the world and the people with fear in their hearts that the fruit of prayer is joy and balm for the soul. She does not say that the fruit of prayer is fear. So why are so many Christians fearful and worrying about the future? Why are so many Christians promoting a Gospel of fear and insecurity? Can this be said to giving witness to God? Our Lady has warned in the past that Satan wants to steal our peace. Fear is a sure sign when our peace is being stolen.

OCTOBER 25, 2019


Dear children! Today I call you to prayer. May prayer be a balm to your soul, because the fruit of prayer is joy, giving and witnessing God to others – through your life. Little children, in complete surrender to God, he will take care of everything and will bless you; and your sacrifices will have meaning. I am with you and bless all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.

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