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Many Medjugorje followers have been getting excited recently after a video was posted on YouTube showing the Cross on Mt Krizevac apparently ‘spinning’ – a miraculous phenomenon, according to some witnesses. But like the so-called ‘spinning sun’ phenomenon also witnessed at Medjugorje (and in many other places, by the way), the cross wasn’t spinning, and neither does the sun in the way it appears to do so at Medjugorje.  That’s the crux of the matter, it only ‘appears’ to spin.

The Cross on Mt Krizevac is framed with electric cables and bulbs supplying light so that it can been seen far and wide in the darkness as a symbolic sign of God’s light and love for his people. Occasionally, the power supply will falter, particularly if there are electrical storms in the area. It’s why most guest houses and shops in Medjugorje have generators, in case normal electrical supplies are reduced or cut off.


The apparent ‘spinning effect’ wasn’t because the Cross was actually turning on its axis. It was simply rapid light flicker caused by short-circuiting. The lights on the cross were rapidly switching on and off – flashing – creating the illusion for some that the Cross was spinning.

The two photographs above show the Cross lit during daylight and at night. Notice how the colour temperature of the light differs in both images.

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