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Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Apostolic Visitator alongside Medjugorje parish priest Fr Marinko Šakota ofm. Photo by Mir Medjugorje.


At this morning’s press conference to introduce the 31st Medjugorje Youth Festival, Archbishop Henryk Hoser, the Apostolic Visitator spoke to journalists about his Medjugorje experience.


He began by saying, “In these two years, we have done many things that we were recommended to do, all with the aim of stabilizing the Medjugorje pastoral care. The fact is that Medjugorje is an international shrine, but legally we are still a parish. We do not have the title of a local, national or international shrine, but the situation is moving forward.


“Two key signs are that an apostolic visitor has been sent to Medjugorje who is a resident here, and also an official announcement from last year that opens the door wide to official pilgrimages from all over the world. Also important is inculturation, which means that I got to know the population of Herzegovina, customs, traditions, but also the piety that they have developed over the centuries.


“My mandate is in no way related to apparitions. Other instances deal with this. […] there is a great commission, which we call the Ruini Commission, which has given its report to the Holy See, the Holy Father, and it is up to it to make a decision. When he will do it depends only on him, but the result of the work of the commission is very positive.”

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