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There are times in our lives when the wine runs out and there is a need for things to change, to get back on track, even in our relationship with God.


For myself, there is always a tendency to drift and be distracted from focusing on the direction God is leading me. Sometimes I choose to stop on the way and take a detour along a route that is less challenging and is instantly gratifying. I don’t do hardship very well.


But now I am beginning to understand that many of the roads I have taken in my life to search for joy and happiness have mostly led me away from the destination I should be focusing on, my own heart. Sometimes it can be easier to seek a change of scenery outside than within: a change of companions and relationships, a change of jobs, a change of bars and clubs, a change of hobbies, a change of towns, and even a change of churches.


But rarely do I consider wanting to change within. The challenge can be to much for my weak will.


Perhaps because I am no longer a young person and age is beginning to tell on my body, but lately I have begun to understand and accept that my weakness will always be with me, my own strength never enough and that a change of heart can only come through my desire and the grace of God. I am in God’s hands. Always was and always will be.


Thank God for the everyday prayer and intercession of our Blessed Mother for each of us, for standing alongside Jesus and letting him know when the wine has run out in our lives, for reminding us to do whatever he tells us, for helping us to understand that daily prayer brings daily conversion, that prayer is the water that fills jars and becomes new wine, that the marriage at Cana speaks of our own marriage and relationship with Jesus, the new wine, the wine that brings change to all of our lives without ceasing.


In my weakness, Lord be my strength, and your grace enough for me.

May your power be at its best when the thorn is piercing me.

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