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The meeting between US President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II reminded me of someone who was once scheduled to be presented to the British Monarch.


“Do you realise that I am giving up an invitation to be presented to the Queen of England if I decide to travel with you to Medjugorje?”


“But there is a greater Queen waiting to meet you in Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace,” was my quick answer to the question put by the diplomat’s wife.


Angela did respond to Our Lady’s invitation to travel to Medjugorje during Royal Ascot week. And she was truly blessed for doing so. On the final evening of the pilgrimage, beaming and excited, she sat down to dinner and revealed she had made her confession to a French priest an hour earlier.


“It was my second confession,” she announced.


Nothing unusual in that, I thought, pilgrims often make more than one confession during their week in Medjugorje.


But then Angela clarified her statement and said, “I mean the second confession of my whole life. The first was when I was a little girl.”


I estimated that first time was probably almost 30 years ago! Angela may have been a slow starter in the reconciliation stakes but she finally came back a winner in God’s mercy and love.

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